Our Core Mission

Identify underutilized technology

Innovate and create new products

Technology Transfer

Technology innovation has created a wealth of business opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur. It empowers growth, employment and security. Technology solutions don't have to destroy natures beauty and balance rather they create a better environment in which to live.


We consistently seek dynamic partnerships to bring extra value to the concepts and ideas of our innovation company.

Without the advent of Science. Without the development of Thought. Without humankinds quest and hunger for Knowledge. Without Imagination - Life would be a very mundane existence.

Who are we?

Kiano Enterprise, Inc., was started to create product solutions that utilize developments in technology and scientific processes. And while some of the advances in technology maybe incremental the opportunity to use technology in new and exciting ways remains limitless. This vision means we focus on creating products that enhance our enjoyment of the world we live in rather than harming it.

Secondly, we act as a technology transfer agency focusing on the transfer of manufacturing technology to Africa. Manufacturing technology can help entrepreneurs and businesses create their unique brand of products for export. Manufacturing technology is also a key component to helping a country create a diversified economy that promotes job growth and stable communities.

Innovation Approach

Identify the innovation opportunities and define objective.

Refine requirements and framework. Create and test prototypes. If they fail redefine your requirements. Adapt to failure.

Test and access final solution and turn it over to end users.

Technology Transfer

Identify client technology and manufacturing needs and define objective.

Refine requirements and framework.

Identify technology holder.

Develop joint partnerships for manufacturing and distribution.

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Knowledge is power only when put to use in a constructive manner.
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